RV Awning Already Ripped on a New Crappy RV, Thanks Lippert!

Seriously guys, make RV awning fabric thinner.

Our 2022 Alliance Paradigm fifth wheel came with two patio power awnings, made by Solera (owned by Lippert, Inc.) and just outside of the one-year RV warranty, I open my awnings one day and find that one has a rip.

Look, I consider us to be reasonable awning users. If it’s too rainy or windy or stormy, we pull them in. We have been especially careful with this RV because we have noticed that RV fabric seems to be getting thinner and thinner each and every year and this Lippert awning I have now is the thinnest yet. I thought I could expect my awning to last longer than a year and a half, but just like everything else on my crappy RV, no such luck!

Whenever I walk around campgrounds and see the older RVs, the awning fabric looks nice and thick and the awning arms look so sturdy, then I look at mine and realize my RV toilet paper is thicker than my awning fabric!

Even if Lippert replaces my awning, free of charge, here’s the thing… I have to figure out where to have the replacement awning shipped, which if you’re a full-time traveler you understand how hard it can be to pinpoint where you’ll be and when and if the campground accepts packages, particularly large packages, or you have to figure out if there is a dealership nearby that can fit you in during a specific window. As of 2023, RV service centers don’t exactly have an open schedule and since they are so busy, they really don’t need to accommodate anyone, so get in line. Next, you have to wait for the package to arrive, probably spending too much time following the tracking number, if the customer service agent remembered to send it to you. If the package was shipped directly to you, then you’ll have to also try to coordinate with an RV tech, who are also very busy. So, yeah, just because something is covered under warranty, doesn’t mean it’s not a headache. It’s not like they reimburse for YOUR time.

The best part is they replace the crappy part with the SAME crappy part and you’ll likely be in the same situation in another year, only this time you’ll be out of warranty. Come on guys, do better!

Good luck out there!

For complaints about your Solera RV awning, contact Lippert or tag them on social media!

To check if your awning has been recalled, plug your VIN and enter it in their recall system, or call them!

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